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Community Supported Agriculture



Foxglove Farm is opening its CSA program to new 2016 members!

The farm share includes a seasonal progression of fresh and dried products including asparagus, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, salad greens, beets, carrots, melons, squash, tomatoes, peppers, sweet corn, potatoes, herbs, beans, cereal grains, and much more.

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What Is CSA?

A commitment to support a local farmer by paying in advance for a share of the harvest! Community-supported agriculture, or CSAs, are the most-often-used name for a system in which you buy an annual subscription or credit to a farm’s produce. It promotes a local food system by fostering relationships between families, their food and the land where the food is grown. CSA represents reciprocity between eaters and growers.

At Foxglove Farm, you pledge a dollar amount (starting at $200) towards future harvests and then are able to use your credit at our market stands to stock up on amazing organic produce! Plus, CSA members receive a 15% discount alongside other wonderful membership perks.

How Our CSA Works

Unlike many CSAs where the produce is chosen for you, our CSA is a “debit-style” program, which means you have full choice. Choose your annual pre-payment amount, your pick-up location, and your favourite foods on market day. We are at the farmers’ markets Tuesday evening or Saturday all day.

Each time you pick up your food, we deduct the value of your selection from your total. If you go away on vacation, you need not worry about missing a weekly basket. If you’d like to stock up on a particular item, you may do so as well.

The recommended standard credits are $200, $400 or $600. Your credit will never expire!

CSA Member Benefits

Members receive a 15% discount on their total share!

That means a $500 credit becomes $575. As a CSA Member you benefit from the most competitive pricing at the market in exchange for your commitment to us.

As a member you’ll also receive
• 10% off our cottage accommodations, for friends, family, or personal retreat,
• annual member gathering at the farm,
• and of course, benefit from our debit style system, which means full choice CSA and cash free at the market!

Furthermore, every time you “tell a friend” about the CSA program and they become a member, $10 is added to your account.

Choose your amount and have your credit card handy for fast and easy payment through our NEW online sign-up system.

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